Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I tried this once before, and lost interest. Who will say that it won't happen again? I certainly won't.

But here I am, blogging, or at least attempting to.

I tell myself that a weblog will motivate me to write more. I want to be a writer of sorts, but I don't really write often. I tell myself that an online venue such as this will make me want to write.

I tell myself the same thing when I buy notebooks.

I am obsessed with buying notebooks. I go to the store and look for notebooks, but not just any plain ones; I look for notebooks that are special: the kind that have nice paper or leather covers or japanese art on them. I think they will help me write more. And they do, at least for a few pages, and then I lose them in my car or in my bedroom, unfinished and forgotten.

I guess my life is like a notebook, that you buy at the store. You buy it and resolve to fill it up with notes and poems and sketches and amazing things. And you do-- for awhile. Then you get distracted by something(work, TV, food, sleep, etc.) and you stop writing.

I do this way too often. And I never keep my New Year Resolutions. So I'll be preemptive, and try my hand at this blog thing again.

I'm also interested in novels, and in writing one. I started, but I think you can guess how it's going... So what I'll do is post it as a Serial Novel on my blog. I'm not sure who will actually read it, but it'll be there, mostly for myself. And just to tempt you into coming back when the first part is posted, I'll tell you what the title(working) is:

The Empty Man.

More details at eleven.


Blogger dave of daveness said...

life is the notebook, waiting to be filled. or maybe it's the filling, and agency is the notebook. or maybe it's the pen, and we are the notebook, and agency is the paper. or maybe metaphor is a placieval masquerading as a simile. or maybe i can't spell. in any case, i like this entry, it's very good. i have started to read the later entries including the essay in 'cyberpunk' and the novel itself, but don't often have the time to read that much. maybe you could consider shorter entries so i feel like less of a jerk for not being able to read them all.... hmm? honestly, it's up to you, and i'm not exactly the greatest blogger in uber-history or something. in any case, carpe diem, my friend. may we each fill our own pages, and be worthy to be quoted in others...

6:28 PM  

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