Sunday, June 26, 2005

Arguing about Politics, Philosophy and Religion is completely pointless. Discussing Politics, Philosophy and Religion is not pointless; indeed, it's very important that these things be discussed on a regular basis.

Apathy will get you nowhere in life, and sometimes it will even get you places you don't like. Yes, most discussions result in an intellectual impasse, and that would make it seem like nothing valuable or productive occurred. But that's only one aspect of the issue. Honestly, it's not important that discussions end up solving a problem or not. It doesn't matter if nobody actually changes his/her opinion. It doesn't matter that the whole exchange is superficially useless. Because underneath the dialogue lies an important principle of modernity and freedom: awareness. If people stop defending their ideals, if we give into apathy, we lose. We allow someone less apathetic to make choices for us.

Here's the whine that irks me:

"Politics is such a waste of time. Nothing good ever gets done, it's just a bunch of old men masturbating on each other in a slapdash grab for power and prestige. Politics sucks."

Fine. Believe that if you want. Don't give a damn while your right to not give a damn is slowly drained from you by the very individuals to whom you feel so indifferent.

That attitude angers me so much, because it assumes too much and takes everything for granted. I'm sure glad Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and George Washington and Samuel Adams and the rest of them weren't content to stay at the tavern and whine about how pointless everything is. I'm sure glad Martin Luther King, Jr. had the balls to get out and do something instead whining about how pointless it all is. I'm sure glad great men and women don't just give up.

Maybe you think I'm comparing apples and oranges. This is just the interne, right? Right, but it's been going strong for several years, and the internet is only destined to become more saturated in our culture; what seems today like a small web forum or a blog may in the future become the major medium through which important decisions about our world are made.

So, in short, It is completely pointed.


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