Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I want to share a poem I wrote two and a half years ago, while serving a mission in Alberta:

Dona Eis Requiem

"People are fools," the wise one said,
And said it long and proud;
While disapproving, shook his head
And jeered the unwashed crowd

"They are so worldly, frail and weak,"
He muttered with disgust.
With lofty tones he so did speak:
"They're full of greed and lust.

"Surely God will destroy them all,
For I may rightly judge.
They toil in sin, both great and small,
Live lives of filth and sludge.

"In sin they rot and soon in Hell,"
The wise one straight condemned;
"With Satan and his minions dwell
In fires that have no end.

"But I a righteous man shall fly,"
The wise one prophesied,
"To live with angels in the sky--

Then suddenly he died.

His spirit went into a place
Where many spirits sat,
And waited all with silent face
To find out where they're at.

"This must be judgment hall," he thought,
"That courthouse in the sky;
Where we are tried, to rise or fall,
Peace granted or denied.

"I wonder what the count will be,
What will the records show;
Of who is damned eternally,
Whose sins made white as snow?"

And then it was his turn to go
Be damned or justified,
before the judgment bar of God
His actions to be tried.

The Savior then said unto him:
"Thy sins with thee depart.
For Heav'n thou canst not enter in,
Thou hast no loving heart."

He said these words, then He was gone,
The wise one left alone;
Those final words to dwell upon
In corridors of stone.

I pray we learn this lesson well,
As Christ taught long ago:
"The least of these with me shall dwell,
And scarlet sins be snow."

The price we pay is simply this:
A heart and willing mind--
More easy than the price He paid

For all of humankind.

We cannot judge, we cannot tell
Which sould will be condemned.
We only can live life so well--
Enduring to the end--

That when the eventide is come
And we are up avove,
The final victor's crown be won
Through His Eternal Love.



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Wow. I wish I could write as well as you, and I DO have a degree in it.

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